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wild camping guided mountain weekend experiences
It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

Wild Camping adventure weekends
Lake District & Scotland

With Mark Reid
author of 'The Inn Way' guidebooks & Mountain Leader

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wild camping guided mountain weekend experiences

A Mountain Adventure to Remember!

Head to the hills for our fantastic guided Wild Camping trips. Spend 2 or 3 days back-packing across the mountains, with a wild camp beside a small lake or mountain summit, and watch the sunset and sunrise across the surrounding mountains.


  • Watch the sunset and sunrise across the mountains
  • Improve your mountain skills, navigation and confidence
  • Experience the freedom of the mountains
  • Get away from it all and re-connect with nature
  • Self reliance, personal development & achievement
  • Peace, quiet and solitude with time to think
  • Explore the mountains in confidence with Mark Reid (Mountain Leader)
  • Mark has over 40 nights wild camping experience.


  • A group of friends - a weekend away to remember
  • Relaxing time away from the stresses of life
  • Quality time away with your son or daughter in the Great Outdoors
  • Gaining mountain knowledge & experience
  • Improving fitness for an upcoming trek or challenge walk
  • Quality Mountain Days for trainee Mountain Leaders


June 2018, Galloway Hills, Scotland - HERE
July 2017, Cairngorms, Scotland - HERE
May 2017, Lake District - HERE (video)
Aug 2016, Cairngorms, Scotland - HERE (video)
May 2016, Lake District - HERE (video)
October 2015, Howgill Fells - HERE (video)
Aug 2015, Lake District - HERE (video)
June 2015, Lake District - HERE (video)
August 2014, Snowdonia - HERE
June 2014, Lake District - HERE
August 2013, Snowdonia - HERE
April 2013, Lake District - HERE
August 2012, Lake District - HERE
July 2012, Snowdonia - HERE
April 2012, Lake District - HERE

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£95 per person - 2 day trip (1 nights camping)
£125 per person - 3 day trip (2 nights camping)


  • 2 or 3 day mountain expeditions with Mark Reid (Mountain Leader)
  • Lightweight backpacking tent (choice of 1 or 2-person tents)
  • Sleepmat
  • Stove, fuel (gas), cooking utensils
  • 'Brew Kit', mug and spork
  • Expedition rucksack
  • Headtorch
  • Berghaus clothing if required (jacket, over-trousers, fleece, gloves & hat).
  • TeamWalking Loyalty Reward scheme



  • 3-season sleeping bag
  • Walking boots
  • Packed lunch, camp food and snacks (we will provide you with a list of suggested items to bring)
  • Personal walking clothing and equipment (base layers etc)
A detailed list of what to wear and bring will be sent to you.

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Day One

10am - Meet at a cafe to discuss the expedition and gear check. We will always start from a village with parking.
11am - Set off on our walk up onto the mountains, taking in classic routes and breath-taking summits, with plenty of rest stops as well as environmental and navigation coaching.
6pm - Set up camp and have dinner, followed by an optional evening walk
9pm - Retire to your tent!

Day Two

7am - Breakfast and break down camp.
9am - Continue walk across the mountains.
3pm - Finish back at a pub for a drink and bite to eat, then head home (2 day trip)

3 day trip
5pm - Set up camp and have dinner, followed by an optional evening walk
9pm - Retire to your tent

Day Three
- 3 day trip only

7am - Breakfast and break down camp.
9am - Continue walk across the mountains.
3pm - Finish back at a pub or cafe for a drink and bite to eat, then head home.

All timings are approximate. We can recommend places to stay before and after your expedition, if required.

wild camping adventure weekend

Please note:

  • Multi-day mountain expeditions, backpacking and wild camping takes you into remote and mountainous areas, with the potential for adverse weather conditions. The walks will include uneven ground, rough and mountainous terrain, stream crossings as well as a number of steep ascents and descents. We will also be camping overnight in a tent in the mountains!
  • A good level of fitness is required as you will be walking across mountainous terrain carrying a rucksack with your overnight gear, equipment and food (approx. 12 - 15kg). You can reduce the weight of your rucksack by sharing a tent and some kit.
  • Choice of 1-person or 2-person tents, so you don't have to share.
  • We will walk about 10 - 13 km (6 - 8 miles) per day, although this will vary with each expedition according to condtiions.
  • There will be rest stops throughout the day, as well as 30-mins for lunch.
  • Mark Reid is an experienced Mountain Leader. Mark has walked over 18,500 miles of footpaths throughout the North of England over the last decade and knows the British mountains well. Since 2007, we have taken over 9,000 people walking in the hills.
  • Wild Camping: In England and Wales, all land is privately owned and landowner permission is required to camp on private land. Wild camping is permitted on certain areas of common land on Dartmoor, and it is also permitted in Scotland as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. In reality, wild camping high amongst the mountains of Snowdonia and Cumbria is a tolerated tradition as long as it is undertaken responsibly.
  • Do's and Don'ts: obtain permission if possible; camp high amongst the mountains away from paths and popular areas; arrive late, leave early; leave no trace; no fires; take ALL rubbish out with you; small group sizes; respect and protect the environment.
  • Part of the attraction of valley, hill and mountain walking is the challenge of tackling different terrains, landscapes and weather conditions. Every effort is made to minimize potential hazards; however, the very nature of hill and mountain walking involves a certain level of unavoidable risk of accident and/or injury. By taking part in this activity, you are aware of and accept these risks.
  • Our walks are suitable for all ages. Under 18s (minimum age 14) may attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The child must be accompanied at all times during the walk by their parent/legal guardian.
  • Terms and Conditions
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