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philosophy walks
It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

Philosophy Walks
Stretch your mind as well as your legs!

Mark Reid
Mountain Leader & author of 'The Inn Way' guidebooks

Graeme Tiffany
Community Philosopher & Outdoor Educator

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philosophy walks

"It is our habit to think outdoors" Friedrich Nietzsche

Enjoy walking? Get a buzz from thinking? Challenge your mind as well as your body.

Historic landscapes, stunning views, invigorating fresh air and the joy of being in nature. There are few of us unmoved by the ‘Great Outdoors’, but what of the thoughts and questions these experiences generate; how might we embrace and learn from them?

A Philosophy Walk takes that most fundamental movement – walking – and pairs it with the opportunity to reflect with others in enjoyable, rewarding and professionally supported thinking, for pleasure or purpose. Time is invested in thinking about questions stimulated by the landscape.

We’d love you to join us on a Philosophy Walk. You can come on your own or with family and friends. Philosophy Walks are also ideal for team development.

philosophy walks

Put simply, if you are inquisitive about the world, if you love wisdom, you’re a philosopher. The emphasis here is on philosophising rather than engagement with the work of famous philosophers. More pertinently, you’ll be interested in questions of meaning and value, and most often those for which there isn’t a definitive answer. And you’ll be committed to the process of learning as much as trying to find an answer: thinking, questioning and reasoning will matter to you.


In the morning, we meet over tea/coffee to discuss the day, with a brief introduction to the history of the relationship between walking and philosophy. We'll then head out on our walk across beautiful and varied landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Unlike many guided walks we’ll return to the local pub relatively early and take time to consider our conversations during the day.

As our bodies relax, it’s time to stretch our mental muscles. We'll draw on the extraordinary potential of the outdoors to stimulate deeper thinking. Using Community of Enquiry methodology, we'll work together to explore a question that has arisen that's of importance to us all.


Walking brings us into contact with the unexpected, from new sights and sounds, to random encounters with others and changes in the elements. These experiences can bring joy or unsettle us, yet all trigger questions. Whilst these questions are often acknowledged, rarely do we take the time to think critically about them, for their own sake but also in pursuit of reasons. Philosophy Walks are designed to create this time and the conditions to take pleasure in moving and thinking, especially with others.

Using the stimulus of the outdoors, and the unrivalled knowledge of the history and geography of the landscape your guides possess, you’ll be encouraged to wander and wonder, and to explore both the environment and the ideas and thoughts sparked by your – and your fellow walkers’ – experience.

You’ll return home having exercised body and mind ….

philosophy walks


Meet at Red Lion at Burnsall; overview of the day over tea/coffee. Introduction to Philosophy Walks incuding a short talk about the relationship between philosophy and walking.
10am - 3pm
Fully guided walk in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales interspersed with 'philosophical interludes'. Packed lunch en route.
3pm - 5pm
Return to the pub to gather our thoughts and examine further the day in a 'Community of Philosophical Enquiry'.


philosophy walks

Consider this scene, which we came across during a recent Philosophy Walk. 

Rather than passing by, we shared our reactions to what we had seen. Our discussion grew into an exploration of the role myths played in shaping our lives and the extent to which they inform the decisions we make. In thinking together we were able to examine, safely, and in a caring way, often deeply held beliefs and the rationale behind them.



ONLY £35 per person for the full day

This includes:

  • Tea / Coffee when we meet in the morning
  • Fully guided walk with Mark Reid & Graeme Tiffany - qualified and insured Mountain Leaders
  • Use of our Outdoor gear if required.
  • TeamWalking Loyalty Reward scheme

NB: Please provide a packed lunch, drinks and a pair of walking boots.


Mark Reid

MARK REID is the author of 17 walking guidebooks including 'The Inn Way' series. He is a qualified Walking Group Leader and Mountain Leader, and has an unrivalled knowledge of the history and geography of the North of England. Mark Reid has walked over 19,500 miles of footpaths over the last decade. Mark has also appeared on ITV YORKSHIRE on the monthly TV walks series 'A Breath of Fresh Air' along with ITV weatherman Jon Mitchell, as well as ITV1's The Dales.

graeme Tiffany

GRAEME TIFFANY is an independent education consultant with a background in outdoor and adventure education, youth, community and social work. His academic work is in the philosophy of education. As a pioneer of Community Philosophy, Graeme uses philosophical tools to support learning and community development and often integrates philosophical activities into his work, as a lecturer, researcher, trainer, facilitator and outdoor educator. The outdoors, he says, is a wonderful stimulus for philosophical enquiry. Follow his activities at

Graeme is highly experienced in ‘philosophical enquiry’, where the focus is on reasons rather than opinions. He facilitates as we share ideas about our world and explore what matters. As a keen fell runner and orienteer, Graeme holds several National Governing Body awards, including Mountain Leader Award.


  • No previous hill-walking experience is required as full guidance will be given.
  • A reasonable level of fitness and stamina will be required, as the natural environment can be demanding at times
  • We can provide full outdoor walking gear, including waterproof jackets, trousers, fleeces, rucksacks, gloves and hats.
  • We are fully insured (public, civil & professional indemnity insurance)
  • All of our instructors are fully qualified and experienced Mountain Leaders
  • So far, we have taken over 9,000 people out walking, and have a wealth of experience dealing with all ages and abilities.
  • Part of the attraction of valley, hill and mountain walking is the challenge of tackling different terrains, landscapes and weather conditions. Every effort is made to minimize potential hazards; however, the very nature of hill and mountain walking involves a certain level of unavoidable risk of accident and/or injury. By taking part in this activity, you are aware of and accept these risks.
  • Our walks are suitable for all ages. Under 18s (minimum age 14) may attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The child must be accompanied at all times during the walk by their parent/legal guardian.
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