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NNAS Gold award holders
It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

National Navigation Award Scheme

Gold Award Holders


The NNAS Gold Navigator Award is the highest award in the National Navigation Award Scheme. It is on par with the navigation element of the Mountain Leader (summer) award.

Only a small number of people gain this award nationally each year, and it usually takes a number of years to gain the skills, knowledge and (most importantly) the experience to deal with any navigational eventuality in all types of terrain and/or weather conditions.


The following people have all achieved their
NNAS Gold Award with TeamWalking

  1. Jinny White
  2. James Russell
  3. Steve Gibbons
  4. Sarah Gibbons
  5. David Brown
  6. Ian Wray
  7. Richard Duckworth
  8. Edward Brown
  9. Glenda Troake
  10. Tony Sutcliffe
  11. Ryan Chorlton
  12. Dave Elson
  13. Jose Faria
  14. Jim Durkin
  15. Colin Griffiths
  16. Paul Bishop
  17. Ben Whiting
  18. Alastair Ross


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    The National Navigation Award Scheme is a personal performance, non-competitive, incentive scheme for all ages, ranging from basic navigation skills at Bronze level through to more advanced skills at Silver and Gold levels, validated to a national standard. The NNAS awards are not leadership qualifications.