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TeamWalking Loyalty Reward scheme

Get outdoors more and save money as well!

Loyalty Reward card

Attend any TeamWalking Outdoor Course or Outdoor Adventure and receive the benefits of our TeamWalking Loyalty Reward scheme.

Our TeamWalking Loyalty Reward scheme is FREE to everyone who attends one of our Outdoor Courses, Outdoor Adventures or Guided Walks.


* 15% off at Cotswold Outdoor in-store and online (annual expiry date)

* 10% off TeamWalking outdoor courses and guided walks (annual expiry date)

* TeamWalking 'Loyalty Card' - attend 5 courses or adventures and get a £50 Gift Voucher FREE (Loyalty Card can be carried forward to future years)

* TeamWalking Green Travel Discount. If you travel to your TeamWalking navigation course or guided walk on foot, by bike or public transport then we will give you a 5% discount off the cost of your course or walk! Helping to save the planet one step at a time...

* Regular e-newsletter, with news, reviews and offers

  • You must book onto and attend a TeamWalking outdoor course or outdoor adventure ('event') to receive the TeamWalking Loyalty Reward; the person attending the event will receive the TeamWalking Loyalty Reward.
  • There is one Loyalty Card stamp per person per course/walk.
  • Collect 5 stamps and we will send you a £50 Gift Voucher redeemable against any TeamWalking course or walk. The Gift Vouchers are issued subject to Terms & Conditions.
  • When you redeem your Gift Voucher, then no cash change, credit or vouchers will be issued for courses or walks that cost less than £50.
  • We will not issue a Loyalty Card stamp for the walk or course which you redeem your Loyalty Card Gift Voucher against.
  • TeamWalking takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen Loyalty Cards. If you do not bring your existing card with you to a course/walk or lose your existing card, then you will be issued with a new card with one stamp on; we do not back date cards with stamps.
  • Loyalty Card has no cash value, and there is no cash alternative.
  • TeamWalking events are subject to availability
  • In order to claim the TeamWalking Green Travel Discount, you must inform Mark Reid during your course or walk that you have travelled there on foot, by bicycle or on public transport (bus or train), and provide proof of travel (e.g. bus or train ticket). This discount must be claimed during the course or walk, and cannot be claimed retrospectively after the event. Once Mark Reid is satisfied that you have travelled to the event by public transport then he will send you a 5% discount off the price you paid for your place on the course or walk, payable by cheque. The Teamwalking Green Travel Discount does not apply to car sharing.
  • TeamWalking reserves the right to amend or withdraw the Loyalty Reward scheme at any time.
  • Cotswold Outdoor discount is subject to a separate expiry date - see Cotswold Outdoor discount letter for details, which will be given to you when you attend the event.
  • TeamWalking discount is valid from 1st Jan to 31st Dec. You must attend a TeamWalking course or walk during the year to receive the discount code, which will then be valid for the remainder of that year. Once this has expired then you must attend a new course or walk in the next year to receive the 10% discount.
  • TeamWalking Loyalty Reward Scheme will be issued to you when you attend your TeamWalking course or walk.
  • TeamWalking Loyalty Reward will only be issued to over 18s.
  • TeamWalking Loyalty Reward Scheme does not apply to NetWalking or TeamWalkers Walking Group